Announcement of The Residence Permit for The Foreign Students

Belgrad Büyükelçiliği 10.02.2015

The residence permit for the foreign students, who come to Turkey with a visa or via a visa waiver, in order to study at a higher education institution in Turkey for a two-year degree, undergraduate, post graduate, doctorate, Specialty Training in Medicine, Dental Specialty Training or within the scope of international student exchange and cultural programs, EU Education and Youth Programs of the universities subordinate to the Council of Higher Education (CoHE), will be issued by the relevant governorates upon their applications, needless of an “education visa”.

In this respect, foreign students traveling to Turkey from visa exempt countries have to apply to the relevant governorates within 30 days following their arrival to Turkey to have their residence permits issued.

However, foreign students, who are required to enter Turkey with a valid visa should have to get their entry visas from the Turkish representatives abroad prior to their travel to Turkey and have to apply to the relevant governorates prior to the expiry date of their visas in order to have their residence permits issued.


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